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The Bottom Line — Is Video Conferencing HIPAA Compliant?

The Bottom Line — Is Video Conferencing HIPAA Compliant?

Ultimately, HIPAA compliance exists for a very important reason; protecting the patient and their confidential information is your priority, and always should be. As telehealth enters the mainstream, and more patients choose the virtual visit over the traditional in-office encounter, healthcare providers will be increasingly tasked to follow HIPAA compliance no matter the venue or method of care delivery.

When looking for the best HIPAA compliant video conferencing, it is important to understand compliance in every avenue of care delivery, the workflows that are affected, as well as knowing which entities and bodies are responsible for following these important rules. HIPAA compliance protects the patient — and your video conferencing solution should work hand-in-hand with this compliance.

HIPAA secure video conferencing is not only possible but also likely when you understand the compliance rules and can compare technology providers by these standards. Complying with government PHI rules starts with the right technology to offer the best services for your patients.


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