Second Opinion

What is a Second Opinion?

Second Opinion is a confidential service that allows anyone with serious medical conditions to request an independent medical reviews on diagnoses and treatment recommendations by medical specialists.

Obtaining a credible second opinion regarding a diagnosis and treatment plan may prevent unnecessary surgery, invasive treatments and potentially reduce the stress level of a patient.

Second Opinion

How Does a Second Opinion Work?

Second Opinion is a simple, three-step process. Second Opinion’s privacy policy complies with requirements under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), as well as provincial or country privacy legislation.

Step 1

Complete the form below.  You do not need a referral but you must be able to provide a copy of your medical records and condition. A Taqtik case manager will assist you through the process.

First, a release form can be completed in order to authorize access to the patient’s medical records. Once the completed forms are received, the patient’s medical files and all other relevant documentation will be collected
by Taqtik.

Step 2

After medical records are collected, a Tatik case manager will review them for quality and submit the records to one of our partner hospitals for a written assessment of your condition.  There, a team of specialists and sub-specialists work together to validate the original diagnosis, provide a comprehensive review of treatment options and prepare their reports. A nurse and medical
director will review the reports to ensure all questions are answered.

Step 3

A Second Opinion package, which includes a consultation report and other supporting documents, will be couriered to the patient and his or her physician (if requested) within seven business days of receiving the complete medical file. After receiving the report, a telephone consultation can be arranged between the patient’s physician and the specialist, if required.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with top international hospitals to provide written second opinions for various conditions and diseases.

University of Chicago Medical Center
QuironSalud Barcelona Hospital
Bangkok Hospital Phuket
Sunway Medical Center
Samsung Medical Center – South Korea
Medica Sur Hospital

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