Medical Teleconsultation

How Does a Medical Teleconsultation Work?

Wherever you are and at any time, you benefit from confidential video consultations with any of our specialists specialized in many medical fields: general medicine, oncology, dermatology, cardiology, psychiatry or speech therapy.

All practitioners are qualified, experienced, and trained to provide remote consultations. They strictly comply with the ethical and professional standards governing their practice. They are entitled to deliver international prescriptions and medical certificates, in accordance with local legislation.

Thanks to an international network covering all time zones, you can easily schedule your consultations when it suits you, regardless of your geographical location.

Second Opinion

No referral is required to request this service!

Benefits of a Medical Teleconsultation?

Teleconsultations with a specialist do not need a referral to a top specialist but can provide an additional solution to your primary care physician’s follow-up.

This service allows you to:

  • have access to specialists at any time, without any waiting period;
  • get advice on choosing a specialist depending on your illness or condition;
  • benefit from advice before seeing a doctor;
  • get information on the seriousness of your illness or condition;
  • obtain a second medical opinion;
  • benefit from a more detailed explanation of a diagnosis provided by your primary care physician;
  • receive regular medical follow-up.

Teleconsultation services with Taqtik Telehealth

In order to assist you in the best possible way during your time abroad, Taqtik has partnered with over 60+ medical facilities to provide a quality service. Check your insurance options to see if these services can be reinbursed.

How Does a Medical Teleconsultation Work?

A medical teleconsultation is a simple, three-step process. Our medical teleconsultation privacy policy complies with requirements under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), as well as provincial or country privacy legislation.

Step 1

Complete the online form below.  You do not need a referral. 

Step 2

Once we receive your request a Taqtik case manager will review and submit the request to one of your preferred hospitals or specialists. The hospital or specialist may request additional information, but we will let you know in advance.

Step 3

The specialist will schedule your session and send you confirmation.

No referral is required to request this service!

Who Do We Work With?

We work with top international hospitals to provide written second opinions for various conditions and diseases.

University of Chicago Medical Center
QuironSalud Barcelona Hospital
Bangkok Hospital Phuket
Sunway Medical Center
Samsung Medical Center – South Korea
Medica Sur Hospital

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