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Overview – Part of Korea’s giant Yonsei University Health System, Severance Hospital was established in 1885. Yonsei is one of North Asia’s largest hospital networks, accommodating more than 2,000 beds and boasting 970 physicians and surgeons (many English-speaking) plus 4,170 additional staff. As an annual average, Severance/Yonsei performs more than 44,000 surgeries and sees approximately 1.6 million outpatients and 660,000 inpatients. With its five adjoining specialty centers, Severance and Yonsei offer services to international patients through more than 60 clinical departments and divisions, including a specialty facility in a Cancer Hospital

Severance Health Promotion Center – The Health Promotion Center of Severance Hospital, which opened as part of the new Yonsei foundation building on the site of the old Severance Hospital in front of Seoul Station, was established to accomplish health diagnosis using the most advanced medical technologies and educational counseling in a pleasant environment on the basis of a commemorative, historical project. The center has been performing successful diagnoses for many patients since its opening in June 1994. Since opening, Severance Health Promotion Center has helped several thousand local and international patients gain personal victories in their own confrontation with disease and have become the leaders of the movement toward improved and healthy lifestyles.

International Focus and Languages – In addition to treating patients from Korea, Severance Health Promotion Center frequently sees patients from all corners of the globe. Clinical staff is supplemented by trained medical translators, thereby facilitating effective communication between EBIS patients and staff. Effective communication is essential especially in a clinical setting. To ensure excellent communication, the center provides free translator services for different languages commonly used by EBIS clients

All facilities under YUHS are modern, house state-of-the-art medical equipment, and are operated by a ubiquitous information system that digitally links all organizations together efficiently. With these infrastructures, YUHS continues to develop by balancing education, research and patient care, which together are helping it to realize its mission of freeing humankind from disease and suffering with the love of God.

Based on more than 120 years of experience in medicine, YUHS will strive to be a leader in the industrialization and globalization of medicine, thus helping it to achieve its goal of becoming the medical hub of Northeast Asia.

Defining excellence in Korean healthcare

Severance Hospital was founded in 1885 and is Korea’s first westernized hospital. With the cooperation of the Korean government, two Americans, businessman and philanthropist Louis H. Severance and medical missionary Dr. Horace N. Allen launched what is now Korea’s most globally advanced hospital. Severance’s success stems from the explicit expectations that come from being Korea’s first and the best. They have made their mark on medical history as a role model and a leader to other prominent health care institutions.

Severance Hospital has received accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI) for the first time in Korea, and has been acknowledged for employing state-of-the-art medical technology, including robotic surgery, to provide the highest standard of medical care to its patients.

World-Class University Hospital built on the Principle of being the “First” and the “Best”

With its 128-year-long tradition, Yonsei University Health System is Korea’s representative medical center and has set many benchmarks as being the “first” and the “best” in Korean medical history. Gangnam Severance Hospital was established in 1983 to provide accessible healthcare for the Gangnam area, a hub of the Korean economy, and to continue Yonsei University Health System’s ascent toward the pinnacle of the medical world.

The primacy of Gangnam Severance Hospital was confirmed yet again with its April 2010 accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI) – the first for any hospital in the Gangnam region. Gangnam Severance Hospital, which has established a world-class medical system while spearheading the improvement of regional medicine, is experiencing a rebirth at the forefront of the global medical world and evolving into an institution on which patients across the world can rely.

Oncology at Yonsei University Health System

Sub-Specialities – Hemato-oncology, Pediatric Hemato-oncology, Pediatric Oncology

Procedures – Mohs Surgery, Prostatectomy

Treatments – Brachytherapy, Chemotherapy, Gene Therapy, Hormonal Therapy, Image Guided RadioSurgery, Image Guided Radiotherapy, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, Photodynamic Therapy, Radiotherapy, Stem Cell Cancer Treatment, Streotactic Body Radiation Therapy, Targeted Therapies, Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy

Conditions – Bladder Cancer, Bone Cancer, Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Colon Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Leukemia, Liver Cancer, Lung Cancr, Lymphoma, Melanoma, Mesothelioma, Metastitic Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Neuroblastoma, Oral Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Retinoblastoma, Sarcoma, Skin Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Throat Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Uterine Cancer


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