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Overview – They provide advanced cancer integrative medicine in collaboration with research institutes and medical institutions in Rinku, Kansai. Rinku Medical Clinic is working on early detection, prevention, recurrence prevention, and treatment of cancer in Rinku Town on the opposite bank of Kansai International Airport, which is connected to the world.

Their clinic offers one-stop treatment for advanced cancer screening, cancer prevention treatment, recurrence prevention treatment, and cancer treatment. They endeavor to expand the possibilities of new cancer treatments while staying close to patients so that they can receive treatment with peace of mind without degrading the quality of life.

Rinku Medical Clinic was opened in Osaka as a one-stop clinic for advanced cancer screening, cancer prevention treatment, recurrence prevention treatment, and cancer treatment.
The treatments they provide have fewer side effects, so you can live your daily life while receiving treatment.
They also provide treatments that can be used in combination with patients who have experienced anti-cancer drugs and patients who are currently receiving standard treatment for cancer.

They want to support the lives of patients who detect cancer very early, prevent tumorigenesis quickly, and can live without degrading the quality of life even if the cancer has progressed.

Features of the Clinic 

Oncogene Treatment – Tailor-made treatment that administers a tumor suppressor gene suitable for that person

Photocancer immunotherapy – Treatment that damages cancer cells with laser light and exterminates them with immune cells

Vascular embolization therapy – Treatment to administer only cancer cells with a catheter (treatment at IGT clinic)

Photocancer prevention (LLLT) – Treatment to damage minute cancer cells that circulate in blood vessels with laser light

Gene prevention – Preventive treatment by intravenous drip of cancer preventive gene and tumor necrosis factor

Aspheresis (blood purification therapy) – Preventive blood purification method that removes harmful substances directly from the blood

At Rinku Medical Clinic, they provide integrated cancer treatment using oncogene therapy and photocancer immunotherapy. Both have far fewer side effects than conventional treatments and can basically be treated for any type of cancer.

In addition, it is easy to perform for those who are looking for a new treatment after surgery or anticancer drug, or for those who have problems with recurrence or cancer metastasis after treatment.

Even those who are currently receiving standard treatment for cancer can choose it as a combination therapy that can be expected to have a synergistic effect. In addition, in partnership with the “IGT Clinic” in the Medical Rinku Port, you can smoothly receive a wide range of medical services that combine each other’s treatment methods.


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