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Overview – Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, is solely focused on the prevention and cure of cancer.  Moffitt, one of the world’s most sophisticated cancer centers of excellence, employs fellowship-trained physicians and medical researchers who are among the best in their respective fields.

The Moffitt Cancer Center, works tirelessly in the areas of patient care, research and education to advance one step further in fighting this disease. They are committed to the health and safety of their patients and dedicated to providing expert cancer care.

For years, Moffitt Cancer Center has provided many international patients and their physicians with second opinions. They can now extend this service online to make it accessible to those patients who cannot come to them or want to make sure they have something different to offer before making the commitment to come to the United States.

Treatment – At Moffitt Cancer Center, they diagnose and treat all forms of cancer, from more common conditions like lung, skin and breast cancer to rarer malignancies, such as mesothelioma, throat cancer and brain cancer. With dedicated oncologists, researchers and supportive care professionals for more than 100 unique conditions, Moffitt is a top destination for comprehensive cancer treatment – no matter the diagnosis.

When a patient first comes to Moffitt, he or she is matched with a team of oncologists and other professionals who specialize in treating his or her specific condition. They have a large number of surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, researchers and supportive care providers on their team, and each one focuses on treating a specific type of cancer. Because of their broad patient base, specialists have experience in treating rare conditions that many other oncologists do not; neuroblastomas, schwannomas, Merkel cell skin cancers, neuroendocrine tumors and Pancoast tumors are just a few such diagnoses. They understand that each condition – and each patient – is unique, and that maintaining a high level of specialization is one of the most effective ways to meet patients’ needs.

With some of the most knowledgeable and experienced oncologists in the country, they are able to ensure that every patient who walks through their doors receives the best treatment plan for his or her unique diagnosis.

They provide surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as well as advanced options like immunotherapy and hormone therapy.

International Referral Services Department can assist you and your family with an array of services designed to take care of your needs.

Services available through the International Referral Services Department include:

  • Coordination of all aspects of your visit to Moffitt, paying extra attention to personal, cultural and travel-related needs
  • Orientation for first-time patients and families
  • Assistance with patient registration/admission
  • Psychosocial and palliative care treatment services
  • Transportation arrangement (airport, car rental, taxi and/or limo services)
  • Lodging coordination.
  • Language assistance
  • Assistance with documentation (visa extensions, embassy correspondence, etc.)
  • Notary services

Their clinical and supportive care teams view patients and their families as partners, ensuring that they are always heard and able to take an active role in their own care.


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