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Oncology Center – ​Oncologists at Medical Park are constantly acknowledged by foreign organizations for providing exceptional patient care. Satisfaction of their patients and being aware of their internationally recognized position keep them raising their goals to serve the best at any time and anywhere as a whole team. ​

As a sign of their multidisciplinary notion of study, Medical Park Group Hospitals has Tumor Boards in Oncology, separated as;


They proudly announced that they are the first private Oncology Hospital of Turkey. Besides that their medical areas gained the name of ”center of excellence” which they are serving exceptionally high concentrations of expertise and comprehensive methods with the state-of-the-art technology;

  • RADIATION ONCOLOGY  Radiotherapy (Linac, Hipec), Tomotherapy, Gamma Knife

Surgery is one of the main treatment methods for cancer. This may be also the only treatment you need. Surgery is a regional treatment – it only cures the operated area. So, it may recover a non-metastatic cancer that is localized at single area. In general, removal of carcinogenic cell at early stage is regarded as the easiest means.

Surgeon excises the tumor and a certain amount of intact peripheral tissues (also known as clear margin). Moreover, lymph nodes closest to the tumor can be also removed, if presence of carcinogenic cell is noted.

Surgeon sends all excised tissues to laboratory for microscopic examination. This procedure renders many information about the cancer. It helps the doctor to determine if further treatment is needed to minimize risk of recurrence. These treatments are adjuvant (supportive) therapies, frequently called as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Some persons receive preoperative treatment in order to reduce size of tumor and facilitate surgical removal. This treatment modality is called as neo-adjuvant (neo-supportive) therapy.

Surgeons occasionally face cancers that are more largely metastatic than estimated. In this case, surgery may last longer than planned or it may be even necessary to stop operation.

If there is metastasis, surgery cannot usually heal this condition. However, surgeon can help a longer survival and guide the treatment in particular cancers. If metastasis is present, therapeutic approaches such as chemotherapy, biological therapy or hormone therapies can represent a better modality that is efficient on whole body. Radiotherapy is also able control or regulates symptoms of cancer at location of metastasis.

Surgery can be the only therapeutic option you need for particular cancers. It is possible to treat small early-stage cancer, when there is no metastasis. Whether surgery is a therapeutic option is decided according to following factors:

  • Type of cancer you have
  • Position and stage of your cancer
  • Your general health status

Surgery may not be the best treatment method if your cancer has spread or is at an advanced stage. In this case, therapeutic approaches such as chemotherapy, biological therapy or hormone therapies can represent a better modality that is efficient on whole body. Radiotherapy can also be used to reduce size of tumors and control symptoms.​

Radiotherapy Radiotherapy is one of the oldest and most effective treatment method which use high energetic X-rays, electron clusters and radioactive isotope to kill tumor cells and reduce tumor size. Radiotherapy prevent growing and replication of tumor cells damaging their genetic material. Effects of the radiation on tumor cells occur via ionization. This effect is realized in two ways; some of them dies immediately after radiation and the others cannot replicate because of the chromosomal and DNA damage and then after they die. Although normal cells may also suffer from radiation normal tissues improve and recover with their function.

TomoTherapy is the most efficient and developed way for fighting cancer and provides cancer patients with chance of cure in İstanbul Medicalpark Bahçelievler Hospital. In the field of radiotherapy, necessary dose and intended ratio can be delivered to multiple tumor cells while organs are protected and healthy tissues are hold harmless, to maximum extent, by TomoTherapy device, which is found in only two healthcare facilities in İstanbul.

Stating that TomoTherapy is one of the most developed radiotherapy devices and is most efficient method in treatment of cancer, Assoc. Prof. Berrin Pehlivan M.D., head of Department of Radiation Oncology in İstanbul Medicalpark Bahçelievler Hospital, declares that TomoTherapy Device enables targeted beams are delivered at different doses to different type of tumors, which may also vary in size, at different localizations at same time. After localization of tumor cells is identified, radiotherapy is delivered at different doses and different angles using TomoTherapy, which requires making a personal plan for each patient, and thus, not only cancer cells are most efficiently treated, but also exposure of healthy organs to high radiation is avoided.

Assoc. Prof. Berrin Pehlivan M.D., head of Department of Radiation Oncology in İstanbul Medicalpark Bahçelievler Hospital, expresses that there is only two healthcare facilities, which is equipped with TomoTherapy device in İstanbul, and targeted therapy is one of most important advantages. Assoc. Prof. Berrin Pehlivan, M.D., explains that healthy tissues at periphery of tumor cells are protected with multi-directional spot beams and adverse effect of this therapy is less than the conventional radiotherapy, and emphasizes that a considerable advantage is obtained in treatment, which requires racing against time, since beams can be concomitantly delivered to more than one region.

Assoc Prof Berrin Pehlivan, M.D., who shares experiences with TomoTherapy and total body radiation in TomoTherapy and Stereotactic Radiosurgery with Florian Sterzing, M.D., who makes observations on TomoTherapy in Department of Radiation Oncology of Heidelberg University, which has an international experience and is recognized among best facilities worldwide in the field of cancer therapy and researches, aims making Department of Radiation Oncology, where she is the Head, the best cancer therapy center and works for making major contribution to human life with technological and scientific innovations.

Advantages of treatment with Tomotherapy:

  • Targeted Therapy
  • Less side effect
  • Capability of repeated treatments
  • Saving of time
  • Clinical Excellence

It enables planning and delivering precisely conformed radiation doses. Imaging guidance is idealized integrating “Computed tomography” technology into daily routine for precise patient positioning, reduction of margin and adaptive planning.

Gamma Knife Radio Surgery – Gamma Knife is a bloodless surgery for intra-cranial tumors and cerebral diseases without need to conventional surgery. Neurosurgeons use this method alone or along with microsurgery for eligible patients and diseases. Our team started performing Gamma Knife surgery on February 25, 1997. Prof. Türker Kılıç, M.D., is the first Turkish medical doctor to have radiosurgery training at Karolinska Institute, Sweden. Gamma Knife enjoyed gains from technological advanced and the methodology is still preferred by neurosurgeons worldwide. There are approximately half million people, who are treated with Gamma Knife Surgery worldwide. Approximately 1.6% of all those patients had been treated by your team. From this perspective, our team is among first five Gamma Knife units with highest case number.

Cancer Treatment Center Since cancer treatment requires multidisciplinary approach cancer treatment should be conducted in centers specialized in cancer treatment.


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