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Aims of IGT Clinic

IGT Clinic aim to improve QOL (Quality of Life), not painful life-prolonging treatment, so that you can spend the rest of your time without suffering from the side effects of treatment.

The treatment at the IGT clinic is different from systemic chemotherapy and is one of the treatments for the local cancer.

The goal of their treatment is to make the lesions that people suffering from cancer suffer from as small as possible to relieve their symptoms and improve the functioning of their organs. It is a treatment to save lives instead of hitting “cancer” thoroughly. They have prepared a treatment environment and introduced new medical technologies. At this clinic, they strive to improve treatment results as much as possible by combining endovascular treatment, mainly arterial embolization, with hyperthermia.

IGT Clinic treatment devices

Endovascular treatment – The most important treatment device in their hospital is an endovascular treatment device that combines an angiography device and a CT device. Using this device, safely advance the catheter to the target site and confirm the drug distribution to the target lesion. This device provides extremely accurate treatment.
Hyperthermia-  Hyperthermia “Cancer” is a device that warms “cancer lesions” from outside the body by taking advantage of its weakness to heat.  By combining endovascular treatment with this treatment, a better therapeutic effect can be obtained.
Special cancer screening – They perform cancer screening using CT and blood tests. On the day of the examination, a radiologist will explain the CT results in an easy-to-understand manner.
Autologous cancer vaccine therapy – It is one of cancer immunotherapy. It is a treatment that produces a cancer vaccine from your own cancer tissue removed by surgery and activates lymphocytes in the body that fight cancer. It can be expected to prevent recurrence after surgery
At the IGT Clinic, they offer “email consultation” (free of charge) and “email (mail) consultation outpatient clinic” (charged) to provide consultation on “endovascular treatment” for cancer and uterine fibroids.
Palliative care is often recommended when the condition progresses and surgery or systemic chemotherapy becomes difficult to continue. The treatment focuses on relieving symptoms such as pain, and in many cases, active treatment with anticancer drugs is not performed.

Even if the cancer has spread throughout the body, we should actively provide local treatment if the tumor causes pain or if the tumor causes airway narrowing that causes dyspnea. They believe they can alleviate the symptoms.

For example, in the mediastinum and hilar region, when the tumor grows, the trachea may be compressed, causing repeated dyspnea and pneumonia. On the contrary, even if there are many large metastases on the peripheral side of the lungs, they do not cause many symptoms unless pleural effusion is accumulated. It is known that in the hilar region and mediastinum, blood vessels called bronchial arteries often feed the tumor. Symptoms are alleviated by injecting a small amount of anticancer drug from this bronchial artery and adding a light embolus to make the tumor smaller.

Hyperthermia Hyperthermia is a treatment that warms the target cancer lesion.

It is a treatment that can be combined with other treatment methods, and we carry out hyperthermia. Hyperthermia as a combination treatment with endovascular treatment and anticancer drug treatment at other facilities.

They strive to provide advanced cancer medical care, a comfortable medical care environment, daily medical care so that you can receive stress-free treatment, and provide safe and convincing medical care that can bring out the smiles of patients and their families.  At the IGT Clinic, they provide endovascular treatment, cancer treatment with thermal treatment, uterine fibroid treatment, lymphedema outpatient clinic, cancer screening screening, CT outpatient clinic, etc.


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