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Overview Bangpakok 9 International Hospital is a tertiary and private hospital located in Bangkok Thailand. We provide healthcare with world-class standard to local and International customers. Our International Customer Services (ICS) serves people of all cultures, and our International team gives full attention to the need of international patients. Our interpreters speak multilingual: English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Bahasa, Tagalog, Myanmar and Cambodia. They offer airport and immigration services, international insurance claim assistance, and in-house Residence services. At Bangpakok 9 International Hospital, we ensure a welcoming experience for everyone.

Language Support: English, Arabic, Chinese, Myanmar, Cambodian

Bangpakok 9 international hospital is a leading hospital in Thailand with expertise in international standard holistic healthcare, innovation, modern technology, and “Heart of care”.

The Breast Center at Bangpakok 9 International Hospital is available for screening for the risk of breast cancer and taking care of women who have breast problems. It’s not just breast cancer. But including the treatment and care of tumors that are not cancerous, breast pain, fibrosis or cyst on the breast,  fluid or water draining from the nipple and other problems and treatment in the early stages of breast cancer.   In physical, mental and visual aspects with a team of expert doctors and modern technology Including surgical treatments and breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. They help the patient return to live confident and normal lives, because breast cancer is now the number 1 most common cancer among women worldwide.  Treatment will work well when the cancer is detected early.

  1. High resolution breast mammography and ultrasound (Digital mammogram Ultrasound)
  2. Puncture of water from the gut (Aspiration of Breast Cyst).
  3. Puncture of cells from the breast mass for examination (Fine Needle Aspiration)
  4. Core Needle Biopsy
  5. Breast lump and milk duct surgery (Excision Breast Mass, Microdochectomy & Duct Excision)
  6. Breast cancer surgery (Breast Conserving Surgery)
  7. Mastectomy is a total mastectomy for cancer.
  8. Breast reconstruction and strengthening (Breast Reconstruction)
  9. Breast reconstruction with artificial breast or tissue from the abdomen and back (Breast Reconstruction with Implant or TRAM flap or LD flap)
  10. Axillary Node Dissection (Sentinel Node Biopsy) and Axillary Node Dissection.
  11. Minor incision surgery Treatment of breast tumors (Minimal invasive breast surgery)

The team of the International Customer Service Center is ready to provide services and facilities for foreign patients admitted to Bangpakok 9 International Hospital. In which the team focuses on caring service and taking care of it as a family. To make patients feel comfortable and warm as if they were being treated in their own country. The team has the ability to communicate in different languages and provide advice and support from the first moment the patient arrives in Thailand. Whether patients and relatives need advice on the hotel, attractions or just need a friend to talk to.


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